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A warm welcome to another year with A’Takamul school! This year I have the pleasure of being part of the A’Takamul International School family, as the Elementary Counselor. The Elementary Counseling Department has as mission to challenge students to overcome their learning and personal difficulties in order to enhance their full potential and empower them to become successful parents, professionals and global citizens, as well as lifelong learners.

At the same time, the Department facilitates one-on-one sessions to those students who need    social,  emotional or academic support. As well as small group guidance sessions, covering specific  topics such as      social skills, anger management, problem solving, grief, among others.


 Feel free to contact the Elementary School Counseling Department if you have any concern about  your  child’s  social/emotional or academic development.



Andrea Rivas

Elementary School Counselor

The Elementary Counseling Department aims to help students make better choices by implementing programs that promote values, goal setting, social skills, diversity      awareness, bullying prevention, and career exploration.

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