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Dear Parent and Prospective Student: 

We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit A’Takamul International School’s website. I hope to find our website user friendly. On behalf of ATIS, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your continued support, collaboration and cooperation.

I am pleased that you are considering A’Takamul International School among your school choices. This is an important and exciting time in your life. 

Are you ready to be inspired? Are you willing to work hard and to grow? Are you eager to face challenges and find joy as you learn? If so, then A’takamul International School is the right place to be.

We provide an inquiry-based education that is engaging and collaborative. We nurture students’ ability to take on challenging problems and do meaningful work, and help them become compassionate, intelligent learners. Students interact with real-world experts and pose and seek the answers to their own questions.


Taking into consideration the diverse cultural backgrounds of students, the school treasure every student’s unique individuality and strive to make the school an ideal community for our young learners of today and future leaders of the world.


At A’Takamul International School students are expected to have an enriching and life-turning experience which will enable them to reach new heights in their professional life. We foster sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge through various extra-curricular, and the amalgamations of curricular activities and through faculty who not only keep themselves at par with the current developments but also contribute to the expansion of the body of knowledge in their field of expertise.

Students are to have opportunities to take on leadership roles, where they will learn to accept and handle responsibility, manage and advise others and make fair and effective decisions. They will help conceive and plan events, assist in labs and libraries, represent their peers from a child move towards being a young responsible adult.

Teachers are the epitomes of goodness; who are passionate, caring and non-partisan as they seek out the very best within every child.

Parents are to play an important role in the success of our school.Their involvement, help and support in enriching lives at homes and inschool will be immeasurable. They will be involved with projects or volunteer their time and effort in any other manner.

It would be my pleasure to Welcome you visit and see what makes ATIS such a unique, extraordinary, distinctive and forward-looking community which is a fantastic place to live and learn.


Sincerely yours,


Daly Najia

School Director

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