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Our campus rules and regulations are based on the simple idea behind our school motto:


    Respect, Responsibility, Results and Recreation 


  • Students have the RIGHT to be proud of their own culture regardless of language, religion or nationality, they have the RESPONSIBILITY to be respectful of other cultures, languages, religions and nationalities

  • Students have the RIGHT to be treated with respect by all members of staff and have the RESPONSIBILITY to demonstrate respect for all ATIS staff, and their learning environment

  • Students have the RIGHT to be treated with respect and courteously by their fellow peers, they have the RESPONSIBILITY to maintain good judgment and treat others courteously, acting in such a manner as not to expose them to injury or intimidation

  • Students have the RIGHT to a meaningful education that meets their individual needs and have the RESPONSIBILITY to be punctual and prepared for school

  • Students have the RIGHT to be heard and to express their points of view in school related matters and they have the RESPONSIBILITY to follow school rules and procedures, listen to others, hear their opinions courteously, and express themselves in a civil manner

  • Students have the RIGHT to physical safety and protection of their personal belongings, they have the RESPONSIBILITY to treat others’ belongings and school property with respect

  • Students have the RIGHT to adequate consultations with teachers, counselors, and administrators, they have the RESPONSIBILITY to be honest and respect decisions made by them.

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