It is a great pleasure to invite you in to the A’Takamul Kindergarten website. Although I am new to the A’Takamul School family, I bring 25 years of Kindergarten to Graduation 12 experience as a Curriculum Development Specialist, Principal and Director within an integrated, hands-on, inquiry-based model.  A focus had been on early acknowledgement of students’ learning preferences and talents and includes cross-curricular links with social skill development, student leadership and the Fine and Performing Arts, all of which reflect  A’Takamul’s rich teaching and curriculum delivery practices.  


As it is my custom to do frequent “walkabouts,” your child will be used to seeing me, as teachers tend to put me to work when I drop by.  It’s a great way to get to know the children.


A’Takamul knows a strong relationship between the home and the school is of utmost importance to your child’s success.  You are always most welcome to contact the school for a phone or in-person meeting.







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