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Ms. Maria Alexandra Mosallam

Welcome to the Kindergarten Department of A’Takamul International School. As Principal, I am excited to share my many years of educational experiences, both as educator and administrator. Together with our team of committed, professional, and caring staff, we create an environment conducive to learning through the use of all senses, critical thinking and creativity. A child’s learning environment is extremely important in their early years and our KG Program takes great pride in providing this through our day to day activities and lessons.

A’Takamul International School offers an American curriculum while integrating Kuwaiti culture and Islamic values. Our educational program addresses all aspects of a child’s personal growth (cognitive, physical, social, and emotional). Through constant collaboration and latest research based educational techniques, our teachers utilize an array of teaching methods to ensure maximum learning takes place. As a team of experienced educators, we work together to help each child achieve their full potential. We provide a safe, loving, and happy environment so students can experience plenty of positive opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Our focus is to create the building blocks necessary for success that will give our students a solid foundation in their later years and allow them to become lifelong learners.

Our youngest students are like a “garden of beautiful flowers”, each child blossoming in their own special way. The A’Takamul KG Department looks forward to embarking on this amazing educational journey with you and your child.


Best regards,

Maria Alexandra Mosallam

KG Principal

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