Dear Students and Parents,


Welcome to the A’Takamul International School KG Counseling Department. We are excited to be starting the upcoming school year where we will learn and play and sing lots of songs. It is fun to make new friends and go on many fun adventures together. Both KG 1 and KG2 are stimulating and safe environments for children to make discoveries and grow emotionally and socially. The counseling department is here to support the students and families through this process.


Counselors also help students and families during the process of settling into a new school. When children are sad and scared school counselors help them feel safe. Counselors can keep children’s secretes and help the little ones learn how to solve their problems. School counselors are available to meet parents for any specialcircumstances that may occur during the school year. When required counselors can work with students one on one and make recommendations and referrals. For more information or for any questions please feel free to contact the KG Counselor.



KG Counseling Department 

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