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CCTV in school is becoming the most in-demand method of both monitoring and controlling the movements of staff and pupils. The ability to capture evidence of truancy, bullying and other instances of misbehaviour is especially useful for school managers.


 School Security- Taken Seriously

At A'Takamul, we have stepped into the next level of security  by installing state of the art CCTV solution with a surveillance officer to monitor during the school hours. We believe it will bring about a commendable impact on the below factors.

Bad behaviour - If the students know they are being watched, they might be better behaved. This might prevent bullying and intimidation. It can also prevent inappropriate behaviour from teacher’s/ care givers.


Accidents - If a child gets hurt, the footage of the reason/cause can be seen.


Authorities - Can use footage to improve on School management, problem areas etc. Student evaluations can be done using video footage.


Parents - feel more secure knowing that the School is being constantly monitored.


Security - Students and teachers possessions are secure.


Protection - Teachers and students can be protected from false accusations.

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