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Welcome to A’Takamul International School! It is a great pleasure to be returning to Kuwait after six years working in other locations. I can’t imagine a better place to begin my second stint in Kuwait than ATIS. With over a dozen years of experience in international education in Arabic-speaking countries, I am looking forward to joining the ATIS community and contributing to the school’s success and reputation for excellence.


Here at ATIS we understand that middle school is a critical time in a young person’s life, when they begin the transition from being children under their parents’ wing to becoming fully independent and capable young adults. Our middle school curriculum, systems, and programs are designed to nurture independent young learners and foster the skills then will need not only in high school, but for their entire lives.


ATIS’ dedicated middle school staff are there to support and guide students along every step of this path, so that they emerge from middle school with the solid academic foundation and confidence necessary to take on their high school coursework and eventually gain acceptance to American universities both here in Kuwait and abroad. It is never too early to plan for that journey, and here at A’Takamul, at all levels, we ensure that students learn the right tools to succeed in life.


Please feel free to come and visit the school or contact me at any time to experience firsthand what makes A’Takamul International School such a wonderful place for students and their families.

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