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It is our pleasure to welcome all of you back to a great and exciting school year.  Our Middle and High school is very special to us… a place where the staff and parents believe in working together to help our students achieve their future goals!


We have a dedicated Staff that always place a student’s best interest first. They put their hearts into teaching and helping our students by challenging, encouraging, and promote excitement about learning. Teachers and staff work hard to make our school a warm and friendly place, while at the same time maintaining high standards for student learning and positive behavior.


At the Middle and High School we follow a set of shared values that guide our beliefs about teaching and learning. We believe that all students can learn and deserve a safe, satisfying, and a positive school experience. We know that high expectations for student achievement combined with adequate support from the parents and educational interventions will result in successful academic proficiency and growth. 


We value our students and appreciate the involvement of our parents. We look forward to meeting all of you. 

Welcome back everyone!



Thomas Cornberg

Middle & High School Principal

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